Photos: By courtesy of Kanazawa City

Currently, Tamaruya is located in Honmachi, Kanazawa. However, it was called “Tamaru-machi” in ancient days. There is a record that Hyogo Tamaru, a retainer of the Kaga Clan lived in this area in the early Edo period. Later Hyogo Tamaru served as the retainer of Daishoji Clan, a branch of Kaga Clan. The area was called “Tamaru Hyogo’s area in those days, and it was abbreviated as Tamaru-machi. There are many towns with historical names which are related to the Kaga Clan.

“In ancient days, we could see many historical town and area names in Kanazawa. However, most of them disappeared because of changes in the addressing system executed in 1963. Kanazawa City has installed “Historical Signposts” since 1979 to preserve such historical town names showing the history, origin and setting of the town.” (from Kanazawa City website)

You can see a “Historical Signpost” in front of Shirahige Shrine near Tamaruya. The guardian dogs of this shrine are different from ordinary ones, but they are modeled on lions.
How about visiting Shirahige Shrine when you go out for sightseeing in Kanazawa?

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Official site “Kanazawa Tourist Information Guide”

Official site “Kanazawa Tourist Information Guide

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